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Two For None

Two for none is a cricket comedy podcast created by Patrick Cullen and Chris Barty. Pat and Chris have been great mates since highschool, and what they lack in cricketing skill they make up for in top shelf banter.

There's more jokes than a Roy and HG special, segments, stats, interviews and banter till the cows come home! Where do those cows even go anyway?!

Our international correspondants include Tom K Hawkey from England,  Chris Goodrick from South Africa, Jai Singh from India, Adam Hassan from Pakistan, Alex Spinks for Australia, Roscoe Thattil from Sri Lanka, Michael Wood from NZ and Heidi Cheadle representing the Womens game.

Episodes are released following each Test or series. Get around it on iTunes, Stitcher, Soudcloud, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Jun 26, 2019

While Barty is away Alex Spinks steps up to cohost with Pat and this is a cracker of an episode. Bulletins from Jai Singh, Chris Goodrick, Adam Hassan, Michael Wood and TK Hawkey. Alex and Pat disect this round of world cup games with the help of their correspondents. Strap in for some great gags, solid banter...

Jun 18, 2019

Yes the cricket doesnt stop folks and neither do those good good jokes. Pat and Chris are back in black to give you all that World Cup info you crave. Not only that but Tom Hawkey (UK), Chris Goodrick (SA), Jai Singh (India) and Adam Hassan (Pakistan) are here to throw their hats into the ring. Its Adams debut on the...

Jun 12, 2019

Its been a massive week of cricket and Chris and Pat are here to help you through it. Not only that but our full cohort of correspondents from Tom (UK), Roscoe (SL), Chris Goodrick (SA), Michael Wood (NZ) and Jai Singh (India) are all reporting in with hot takes on this weeks games.

Its a bumper episode full of stats,...

Jun 5, 2019

Two for None dives deep into the first week of clashes at the 2019 World Cup in England. What a round - highs, lows and upsets all over the joint. Featuring Tom Hawkey from England, Chris Goodrick from South Africa and introducing Michael Wood from New Zealand.

Get around it.